Winter Wedding Photography – Kay & Jason


Winter weddings and winter wedding photography can be a total joy if the weather is great. I have photographed so many weddings where on a winters day near to Christmas the day can be dark by 2pm or it never appears to become light at all. It is a risk but you can be blessed with a gorgeous sunny day that looks like the height of summer, although it’s very cold.

Winter Wedding Photography – Kay & Jason

For Kay & Jason’s  winter wedding photography I was so pleased that the weather was just incredible! The sun shone all day. The light was just brilliant until after 4pm. Because the sun is very low at this time of year you witness some amazingly long shadows, contrasting light and brilliant yellow sunlit terraces and grounds.  This couple were incredibly lucky! I’ve rarely experienced light quite like their wedding day, at this time of year , the 29th December 2019, two days before New Year and only 8 days after the winter solstice, the shortest and darkest day of the year.

The morning started with preparation shots high up near the Long Gallery. The light in this south facing room was very dramatic making for some wonderful creative image making.

Kay and Jason were such a joyful couple. They had been together for 12 years and clearly still very much in sync. and love with each other. The couple just love winter time and Christmas and so many beanie hat shots to endorse their winter warm Christmas theme.

At their wedding breakfast each guest was gifted a bobble beanie with their name or nickname stitched onto the front turn up.

This wedding was a brilliant example of a tight agenda and just 4 hours of professional photos to capture all the variety of couple shots, bridal prep, groups inside and out, confetti, ceremony, and final shots of the room as the couple entered, lapped the long table a few times and were seated to dine.


Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Couple: Kay & Jason
Date: December 2019
Location: Ettington Park HotelStratford-upon-Avon