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I am a full time fashion-led and contemporary wedding photographer for over 9 years. I travel all over the UK and have photographed weddings in Warwick, Stratford, Derbyshire and Yorkshire and have photographed many international wedding clients from Singapore, Shanghai, Canada and the US. I’m based in the Midlands and travel wherever you need me to be. I am very excited to be shooting my first destination wedding in Finland, in January 2017. (Looking forward to meeting and greeting reindeers, a bride in fur and a groom arriving on a snow mobile!)

I’ve been a photographer since the age of 8 when my dad bought me a film camera for my school trip to York. I have taken a camera with me pretty much everywhere since. All my photos over the years have been full of people, friends, family, anyone, now they are full of you; brides, grooms, your families and people who matter to you most. I believe that the secret to photographing people is being honest, uncomplicated, personable and reachable: a warm smile wins all, luckily this comes naturally to me. I can, and do, chat with everyone.

I grew up with the tough disciplines of film cameras and the need to know technique so thoroughly that I can be accurate every on every shot rather than check the back of the screen, delete and re-shoot and risk losing that special, unrepeatable moment. It’s a good way to learn, and although I now shoot digitally, I still photograph everything in ‘manual’ mode and so make all the decisions on your photos and rely nothing on the camera’s judgement. Plus, I can reproduce to the same high standard, time and time again in ever changing light, weather and time of year.

“Such a range of beautiful shots, the photos surpassed all expectation and are amazing.” Marion

My vocation and commitment is the capture of beautiful light and colour, stylised and beauty-driven shots that are creative and honest (not excessively processed – post shoot, as these will date your photos. I believe in good photography rather than excessive post-production and filters). Nothing replaces careful observation and the craft of real photography.

I aim to capture your wedding with photos that will last a lifetime of natural and personalised images and memories delivered in an informal way so that you feel at ease and confident around me throughout your day.
In fewer words, I am about pure, intelligent capture, careful observation with style, expression, and an eye for the occasion.

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