What’s in my wedding photography cost?

– Contemporary wedding photography for a number of hours depending on your package (1 photographer), plus I generally can shoot more than 2 photographers at the same price.
– A pre-wedding consultation meeting, usually at your venue (depending on location) to review the wedding day agenda and to chat around the range of images.
– A free rehearsal shoot, if one of the main packages, (30 minutes approximately) to practise shots pre-wedding in front of the camera, get to know each other better, with a link to final finished photos.
– 10 free digital images to keep and print from your rehearsal shoot.
– Post wedding, image editing/post production and uploading images to your private web link.
– Extensive experience and knowledge of what takes place, how and when during your wedding celebration which allows a seamless and unobtrusive approach to photography.

Your total wedding amounts to 3-5 days work in total. Many couples consider their wedding photography price is just for one day; it’s actually a day shooting your wedding and then 2-4 days, editing, finishing, sizing and uploading your photos.

Why do you offer all kinds of packages, isn’t yours a bespoke service?

Every couple’s photography needs are different. Packages provide a great starting point. Also packages provide couples with an outline on pricing; from here it’s easier to focus on what you really want. And I’ll happily outline what can be achieved to your agenda given your time parametres.  Not everyone’s budget or brief fits a full day wedding photography shoot. Some couples have intimate wedding gatherings where just a couple of hours will suffice. Never forget just a few hours will provide ceremony coverage, some documentary photographs of guests and some couple shots also, a great amount of photos for just a short period of time. However these packages can only be offered at off-peak or non weekend.  In making packages more flexible I can offer something for pretty much everyone.  Weddings used to be ‘just for Saturdays’, now they are all days, all year round. Plus, people re-marry. My wedding photography is for all ages, genders and same-sex relationships. All couples can have great wedding photos from me: natural and real imaging, stylish shots that will provide a terrific memory boost, funny shots that describe personality and a record of a fabulous day, forever.

What is documentary wedding photography?

A carefully edited and sequenced collection of photographs taken in a natural and interesting way that tells the story of your special day. Photographs are made through careful observation rather than staging. Photographs are made when you are not looking or aware of the camera. This style can also be known as reportage wedding photography or journalistic photography.

Why so much planning up front for our wedding?

In planning we discuss all your events for your day and various times of such, any special people to photograph, still life shots to capture (shoes, flowers, dress etc.) and a list of key personnel to call should you require traditional group combinations. I talk to your event organiser, venue and/or your vicar. I then have a template and an agenda of time frames so I can maximise the best of your time. Brides and grooms often refer to me throughout the day to this agenda. I am with you more of the day than anyone else within your wedding party so I guide you and think for you, whilst you are just having  great time. With a great time and events plan,  I can be more fluid, fluent and intuitive in my photographic approach.

Do we need group shots; they are so unstylish!

Your agenda is up to you and I am happy to shoot what you want. I strongly recommend you have even just a few of these just to photograph your closest family members and your best of friends. They take time to organise and I suggest no more than 10 combinations and smaller groups, but I can complete them reasonably quickly if everyone responds well on the day. I always aim to capture quickly, informally and as naturally as possible. Weddings are often a time when family members come together and it’s an opportunity especially with grans and grandparents for photographs, that otherwise never happen. These shots don’t have to be taken in a formal way, but can be a group hug or lifting the bride, laughing into the lens.

A rehearsal shoot, do I need one?

Yes. Most couples tell me they are not natural in front of the lens and so a rehearsal shoot can help break the ice and the fear and anticipation in advance of your wedding day. It’s a chance to see how you feel and react to being photographed, to consider how you look and to re-work expressions and moments and to form a stronger and more natural relationship with me, your photographer. I suggest as you would do with a ‘selfie’ try some expressions in the mirror before your shoot, see what you like and hold it to memory. Trust me, I’ve done it myself, it works and will improve your confidence and the beauty element of your photos.

Also some couples use their rehearsal shots for their wedding invites, or make a guest book. Also it’s an opportunity for me to determine how I will photograph you, to the best of my ability and knowing your personalities.

What if it rains on the day?

I always have a plan B, and will know where we can shoot should you not have a dry day. I carry 5 clear wedding brollies and 4 black brollies with me, should you want to venture out.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with Canon professional cameras, lenses and flash units that enable me to produce images of the highest quality without compromise. All my equipment is insured and meticulously checked the day before your shoot. I always carry spares. When you compare the quality of an image shot with full- frame/ sized sensors and beautifully high quality lens glass, against a phone camera image, you can immediately see a huge difference in the detail on how the image holds up. Professional images stand out from the crowd.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, full business insurance and public liability. Plus anyone who shoots or assists me is also covered.

Are you full time photographer?

Yes. I am a full time documentary wedding photographer working 5-6 days a week, fully insured and experienced. This is my only job and ensures I can provide an unfaltering and quality led, continued approach to your wedding photography in any changing conditions of light, weather, scenario and time of year, effectively producing quality photos every time. It also means I am not tired on a weekend because this is not an ‘extra’ job after my week day- day job! This is my job!

Weekend photographers are everywhere, trying t make extra money on the side. These are often unskilled, uninsured and supply at best mediocre work. Photos are often captured by chance rather than by a skilled and pre-determined approach. There is a reason why they don’t shoot full time.

Why don’t I own the copyright to my photos?

All other professional photographers  own the copyright for the images they make. Those who give away copyright do not value their work or realise what they have. This relates to the UK Copyright, Patents and Designs Act 1988. Copyright protects a photographers brand. You will receive a “Licence of Use” which is agreed between us for you to print images from your disk or USB. Your licence is for ‘personal use only’ and mainly for you to print your wedding photos. For more information, please see my wedding photography blogs or drop me an email.

How far do you travel and does it cost extra?

I’m known as a wedding photographer west midlands and shoot regularly at Ettington Park Hotel, but
I travel wherever you want me to in the UK and overseas. I have just started to shoot weddings in the Arctic circle, Finland and Lapland and so snow weddings are becoming a micro niche of mine. I don’t charge within a 50 mile radius of my way home and I am based in the Midlands. Outside of this, I charge just for extra fuel. If it’s a longer distance I may request you provide a hotel overnight for me. As you can appreciate, Its a long day running around capturing all your moments and photos and pretty exhausting and therefore  for the best results I need to fresh from a good nights sleep!

How quickly do I receive my photos after our wedding?

This is usually 4-6 weeks. It seems a long time, especially when you are waiting, but as you appreciate it takes up to 4 days to edit, work, size and upload photos for each wedding I shoot. I only have to have 4 weddings photographed before yours and that’s 4 weeks work. Weddings are photographed Fridays- Sunday’s and sometimes in weekdays, often I can shoot 2-3 weddings in a weekend, at any time of year. I work as fast as I can to have photos to you as quickly as I can.

How do I view my wedding photos after the wedding?

You will be emailed a private link to an on line gallery for your wedding shoot, supplying low-resolution (small sized) jpegs ©, copyrighted. This is your total edited wedding shoot. This link is to view and select from only. Final images will be sized as agreed and provided on a disk or USB as agreed and without © copyright. Please leave all the images on the link, its just for viewing only.

How many Images will I have on my link?

500-550 images, (based on an 8 hour shoot). Because I shoot continuously throughout your day (I only break when you take your wedding breakfast) I aim to capture as much detail of your day as possible. Many couples struggle to make their final selection with around 95% of couples buying the total shoot afterwards. It’s more cost effective to buy all the photos upfront as part of your package. Ask me about this. Also I find when questioning couples, I shoot way more intensely than other photographers which means more detail and more events throughout your day. Couples tell me this all the time.

Larger shoots, do you bring an assistant?

Prices are packed tightly to give you the best quality of photography, a generous image allowance and larger size of final photo (12 x 8” maximum print size) plus a free rehearsal shoot (package depending); therefore I am unable to offer an assistant within my package price. However any shoot can benefit from an assistant and extra pair of hands and feel free to book one with me at a small additional cost. On a larger shoots and those with more complex agendas, I may insist you book one anyway in order to ensure we fulfil your brief. Don’t underestimate the value of an assistant, I can shoot a good third more detail and variety when someones holding cameras, preparing and swapping them over for me. Thats more photos for you for a relatively small extra amount.

Any more questions?

Please contact me, I’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have.