Wedding Photographer – Cambridge Yasmyn & Jake


I love the opportunity to photograph people that I know and mix socially with. In this case Yasmyn and her mum Jackie were both members of my Zumba dance group. Yasmyn had moved away and relocated to Cambridge with work and I then discovered lived very close to my in-laws, literally in the very next village of Bassingbourn. So when Yasmyn was searching for a wedding photographer Cambridge she contacted me. I knew the area so well and could go visit my own family at the same time as photograph her wedding.

Bassingbourn is a lovely sleepy village just outside of Cambridge, very pretty and some of the properties back on to the the water. Yasmyn wanted a local church wedding with a cosy feel and loads of family around her. Jake’s family came from surrounding villages and Yasmyn’s from Derby.

Wedding Photographer – Cambridge Yasmyn & Jake

The wedding day was structured around as much visual variety and location as possible. Yasmyn and Jake were a couple who just loved photographs. They were confident in front of the camera and their home was full of wall art and framed photographs. My brief was to provide as many insta-friendly images as possible .

The wedding day itself was a warm but mixed weather August day and incredibly windy. We started shooting at Yasmyn and Jake’s home, on Mill lane and a house vibrant with preparation. So many bridesmaids, best girls and family getting ready in one close space. We then moved to a nearby property for riverside garden shots and then onto the Bassingbourn united reformed church. After this tiny country church and ceremony, we took photos locally and the couple gained access to a punt on the river for some gorgeous together moments.  We even found ten minutes just to photograph in harvested wheat fields as this perfectly places them in their immediate environment. We then concluded at Banyers House in Royston for their wedding breakfast and final celebration.




Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Couple: Yasmyn & Jake
Date: August 2019
Location: Banyers house