Fawsley Hall Wedding photography – Marc & Rodrigo


I love when you walk into a bar and meet with a couple and you instantly like them.  We were all a little reserved at first. It was quite funny we couldn’t decide who was paying for drinks and then I jumped in and just got us all a Coke each. We then began to talk about Fawsley Hall Wedding photography.We were perched on high bar stools on a busy Saturday in a noisy Leamington pub.  We were all just chatting away informally and politely and they then gave each other ‘ the look’, which I later learned was a joint affirming moment when they both decided they liked me, that I was a good personality match for them and that they wanted me to shoot their wedding. I think I knew within 24 hours and was very exited to be on-team with Marc & Rodrigo!

Fawsley Hall Wedding photography – Marc & Rodrigo

Wow what a wedding day and incredible party! Marc and Rodrigo sure knew how to throw an awesome event and brought together a wealth of friends from both sides of the globe in doing so.  A fantastic colourful collision of Anglo/ Brazilian guests and a wedding celebration hosted in the gorgeous traditional stately Hall at Fawsley.

Amanda Luther was as always an amazing floral consultant, created wonderful, brilliant floral displays carefully selecting blooms and fauna from both English heritage and gardens and mixing it up with traditional Brazilian blossoms.

I loved that everyone seemed so full of party mode, all day and so vibrant and the pictures are just so full of joy and happiness with loads of messing around shots.

Marc & Rodrigo were just lovely to be around, very chilled and easy to photograph.  As photographers we work so closely and intimately with our clients, following and watch their every movements and moments for up to 10 hours.  They made us very welcome, made life easy for us and the result being more creative intuitive photographs. They were constantly collaborative with Shannon and I, but at the same time enjoyed a beautiful wedding day and private moments together.  Everyone had such great wishes fro them, they were an incredibly popular couple.

Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Couple: Marc & Rodrigo
Date: September 2019
Location: Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa


Flowers by http://www.amandaluther.co.uk