Outdoor wedding photography – Terri & Laurence


I totally loved being part of Terri & Lem’s outdoor wedding photography at Crockwell Farm late last August. So this is their wedding story in pictures.  It was truly amazing to be part of such an awesome celebration and wedding party.

Outdoor wedding photography – Terri & Laurence

The days of late summer were drawing to a close. The surrounding fields had been ploughed and harvested. The sun was becoming lower in the sky and there were apples and berries on the trees.  I was just back from holiday and so this was the perfect way to end summer for me. This lovely couple with their two young boys had planned and waited.

The morning started in the bridal pre room and so many bridesmaids. Lots of drinks and the girls in robes, we went out to the back where the boys couldn’t find us and grabbed some fun shots with the girls and glasses of Prosecco.

I love an outdoor wedding!  Outdoor wedding photography is so beautiful in great weather, dreamy dappled light and a wonderful feeling of being in nature, especially when its staged in an orchard and beneath so many trees.

Working with celebrant, Ali Fleming, always keeps me on my toes! I have a written agenda a week before hand always so that I know what’s coming next as these are lively events which require me to move around and not to miss any action.

I think my favourite part was the rose petal confetti shots. We moved wedding guests to make two long lines to follow the path back to the house and tree line. This meant that Terri & Lem’s confetti lasted forever as they carefully walked through so many guests.

Outdoor wedding photography can be really lovely at sundown, with all the guests outside drinking and mingling. This wedding ran late into the evening and plenty of activity on the dance floor where the couple staged a ‘first dance reveal’. The curtains pulled back to 200 guests who just went wild when they saw the bride and groom on the dance floor for the very first time!



Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Couple: Terri & Laurence (Lem)
Date: August 2021

Location:- Crockwell Farm, Daventry.

 Crockwell farm
Celebrant Ali Fleming : Cariad Personal Ceremonies