Amalfi White Wedding – Hannah & Mark


This was my first Amalfi White wedding in early summertime 2021. The first wedding photography that I photographed at this gorgeous, chic, Victorian, urban venue. The timing was literally just post lockdown and restrictions were tentatively lifting. I was so grateful to be out amongst people shooting and do what I love doing again!

Amalfi White Wedding

Hannah and Mark were joyful to work with. Both were very clear from our first zoom meeting that they wanted nothing with structure. Their Amalfi White wedding would not have any staged shots at all,  just a handful of couple photographs and a few small family group gatherings. This was a wedding but it was also a relaxed party, a small intimate gathering staged with mainly documentary style photos. It was an afternoon spent in early summer sunshine among beautiful Melbourne village gardens.

Hannah & Mark loved their dog. He was very much part of the ceremony, sitting patiently at the front, and also celebrated with everyone in the gardens afterwards. This wedding is a wonderful example of the kind of photographic coverage that just 3 hours brings. This Amalfi White wedding, contained a brief ceremony, and then straight onto drinks and chilled outside mingling. We were still able to achieve some deeply charismatic shots in a brief amount of time.




Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Couple: Hannah & Mark
Date: June 2021
Location: Amalfi WhiteMelbourne, Derbyshire.