Mary & James – Woodland Wedding Photography


I love woodland wedding photography and have been lucky that some of the most charismatic couples this year have found me! Mary & James were one of the most  uber-cool and chilled couples I have ever had the pleasure to photograph. Their Woodland Wedding photography held very little in the way of an agenda or pre-plan. A phone call and a quick email only, pre wedding. Commissioned close to their wedding day and my vacation in Northern Italy, meant I hadn’t the opportunity to meet with them and merge our personalities and ideas pre-ceremony.

Mary & James – Woodland Wedding Photography

Wedding location

Their wedding was staged on a festival site situated along the Welsh border, at Pickstock, Newport, Chetwynd.  The venue was delicious; wild in places and brimming with natural and unspoilt charisma. There were just a few shepherds caravans, for private hire, hidden away and providing an opportunity to sleep cosy beneath the stars in utter stillness. There was no light pollution. Woodland and fields surround you. It felt like the end of summer but in a lovely celebratory way.

At ‘Wellbank Villa, Pickstock, the festival site, you walk a path around the long grass (the latter purposely retained  for this wedding), shiny bright red Rose hip berries adorn hedgerows and over the grey horizon line, dark clouds hang low and you know you are in Wales!

Down the hill through a woodland and a clearing and ceremony area located  by the riverside. The morning of the wedding and torrential rain and the site owner, Derek, emphatically assured me that it would clear and there would be a sunset. I didn’t believe him but he was right! How did he know that?

At a small modern, holiday cottage a few miles down the road I finally met Mary. She had a big broad smile for me and I smiled back, that was all I needed. Introductions over and I know I really liked her, the ‘best ladies’ and family. There were no egos and all the bridesmaids could not help me enough, passing dresses to hang, shoes to shoot ‘still life’ and flowers to take where I wanted. This was just so comfy and easy. Wedding photography was easy around them.

The sheep filled the field next to the cottage, clearly it was close to  ‘dinner time’ as they started to run towards me, thinking I had food.

The Ceremony & Celebrant

Ali Fleming created and ran the ceremony including ‘ribbon tie’, and mothers ‘first kiss’. Ali creates magical and unique ceremonies and can design and marry you officially and absolutely anywhere. She is a highly charismatic and creative celebrant. Her web link is directly below.


Beautiful location wedding photography

After the wedding ceremony and a hand full of relaxed group photos, we find a good amount of time in long grass for beautiful insta-couple style photographs and lovely and natural framed photo capture. And the Grooms father scouted out a sunset location for me, what a guy! Then followed music, and the best outside food I’ve ever tasted,  a bar in a field and a fire pit whilst the live band undertook sound checks, a quick ‘Coke’ at the outdoor bar and then time for me to vacate.




Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Couple: Mary & James
Date: September  2018
Location: Pickstock, WellBank Villas

Location:- Clients own property, West Midlands.
Celebrant Ali Fleming : Cariad Personal Ceremonies