Kelly & Adam – Welcombe Hotel Stratford Wedding Photographer


I was totally enchanted and overwhelmed by the size and beauty of the architecture that is the Welcome Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon.  It stands majestic, stunning and filled my entire camera lens. The building is huge, stately and charismatic. It was so lovely to be commissioned by Kelly & Adam and to become their Welcombe Hotel Stratford wedding photographer and to capture their special day.

Kelly & Adam – Welcombe Hotel Stratford Wedding Photographer

As you drive through the main gate and off the main Stratford road, passing through woodland and viewing the golf course on both sides, you suddenly become aware of this hidden stately gem as it materialises right in front of you. I was stuck silent by its size and splendour. It is one of those places that makes you stop talking instantly when you see it for the very first time; lost for words to describe it and how it makes you feel. You fall silent and then you start to consider it’s place in history.

The morning of the wedding was frantic with so much occurring and such a huge amount of guests, many bridesmaids and an equal amount of grooms men all needing to be photographed and quickly before the start of the ceremony. Holly and myself were just running around in a moment capturing everything creative we could see. I started with Kelly and then left her to shoot Adam whilst Holly continued to capture bridal preparations. This is how we work to maximise the best creative capture. It also means both sides have me to photographs them equally.

The Welcombe Hotel, Stratford-upon- Avon is surrounded by 157 acres of landscaped grounds. This provides so many spaces where you can claim peace and secrecy away from the main wedding party.  For me a better chance to  connect with my couple and for them both to relax and for us all to make some stunning photos together. We can dip away from the crowd and capture those treasured for a lifetime tender moments of gorgeous intimacy.


Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Couple: Kelly & Adam
Date: March 2018
Location: The Welcombe HotelStratford-upon-Avon