The Winery Wedding Photography – Kirstie & Neil


So lovely to be a part of Kirstie & Neil’s Wedding this summer. I met them on a late and dark January afternoon in a coffee house in Burton on Trent and the summer seemed a distant possibility.  We sat and discussed The Winery Wedding photography. They chatted away easily about their wedding and plans to me also talking about their beloved dog Alfie and how somehow he could be included in their special day.

The Winery Wedding Photography – Kirstie & Neil

Fast forward to their very hot and bright July wedding day this year and I arrived at their home in Branston and immediately met with Alfie. It was on one of the hottest weeks of the year, over 30 degrees and very bright light.

I started to shoot the details as I always do, dress, flowers and brides shoes all part of the bridal preparation storyline. Alfie was very excited and happily running back and forth and round us. I decided it might be rather cute and cool to photograph his dog bowl, dog bones with Kirstie’s shoes as a detail shot. It was a way of further including him in on their wedding photos and storyline.

Kirstie handed me a couple of dog bones and warned me that I would need to style and shoot pretty quickly because this dog had an appetite. I crossed the shoes and crossed  the bones to mirror the shoes, but Alfie escaped from the lounge, jumped into shot and ate one of the bones! Resulting in a photograph  that looks a little uneven but tells the story of their day perfectly and is more memorable.

Some dress shots with the girls in the garden and then on to The Winery for their ceremony which was just beautiful!

The ceremony room at The Winery is quite dramatic with a pool of daylight supplied from a large bay window in front of the couple. It means they are perfectly lit and makes for some contrasting light and photographs.

The Wedding party exited to the garden for Pimms and we were able to take some terrific natural photographs down by the riverside before cake cut and wedding breakfast.



Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Couple: Kirstie & Neil
Date: July 2019
Location: The Winery Burton