Emma & Stuart – A 1920’s style wedding rehearsal shoot


I totally love to offer my clients the very best chance of making the most creative photographs for their wedding day. Beautiful, tender, emotional, gorgeous and natural images that will last them a lifetime of looking. These photographs to treasure, frame and to share for a lifetime. Images that you smile at every time you walk through the hall way and your home. The best approach to making images appear natural, stunning and wonderful is to practise.  Here I open the doors to Emma & Stuart – A 1920’s style wedding rehearsal shoot as an example of that rehearsal process.

I have always offered a rehearsal shoot through my wedding photography product offer. Over an 8 hour commissioned wedding shoot and level of commitment, it is free within package. Less than 5 hours, you can tag it on as an £-optional extra.

Emma & Stuart – A 1920’s style wedding rehearsal shoot

Every client shares a natural anxiety about being photographed naturally on their wedding day. They tell me how awkward and unnatural they feel and how uneasy and messy they are in front of the lens (taking selfies is totally different to facing a camera that someone else is operating).

Emma and Stuart wanted to break the block by practising in the character of a 1920’s style wedding rehearsal shoot, held at Ettington Park Hotel.

A test shoot takes around 30-40 minutes and we start with a discussion around your wedding day agenda. talk through the detail, any requests and timings and then conclude with a shoot.

Naturally the photos are there to study and reflect upon before your wedding day. I guarantee once a client has experienced a pre shoot usually at their venue, chatted with me, laughed out loud, the block is then broken. The wedding day is then like being photographed by a friend. And your photographs are just so natural.

Emma & Stuart decided to optimise their wedding rehearsal shoot by a carefully considered theme. Their wedding day will have a vintage styling but will evoke a greatly subtlety compared to their rehearsal and in character shoot. Their theme was 1920’s, vintage, moody, creative, totally stylish and unique.

For most couples,  they feel easiest rocking up in skinny’s, boots and a nice shirt and that’s also fine as the most important element here is to rehearse! I share this shoot just to illustrate that you can create what memories and narrative you want from this pre-shoot.