The importance of ‘working’ with your wedding photographer


I believe I am consistent and constant in my approach to photography. I always work hard to communicate professional practise and photography  to clients. I am full time, an insured trading business and I pay taxes as a professional photographer. I have a skill set which is born of experience and creative and technical ability. This means I can photograph well and consistently in all light situations, changing scenarios, times of year and changing weather, time and time again, without compromise. These are the rudiments a professional and creative wedding photographer.

My business, therefore, grows year after year, without complaint and with increasing praise and building reputation.

The importance of ‘working’ with your wedding photographer

I think I have probably had my best year ever because of the above and also I have been fortunate to meet some of the best of people.

These great couples have been driven, incredibly professional and intelligent in their approach towards their wedding photography. Trust me it really makes a difference.

They have researched well and have not been afraid to ask questions. They have made good use of their money and my time and have made me work harder by providing more challenging environments and agendas, which I am happy to do so in the quest for great image making.

I put it down to an ever changing market and a shrewd and savvy client who wants the most for their money. Whatever you do for a profession / work,  if someone shows a greater interest in you, don’t you give even more?  The result is some really stunning and exceptional work and complex coverage! If you work hard and collaborate with your photographer, you see the results.

Anyone can do this. Be brave, ask what you think are silly questions to better understand. There are no silly questions just clever clients wanting to know more. Have patience, so many couples do not. Look at wedding photography from a varied amount of googled sites and understand what you like. Then appreciate that your photographer is your ally and collaborate. To attain magical photographs you have to be prepared to be part of making that magic and not expecting your photographer to do it all.

One such couple was Tara and Alex, this is their showcase!

A fantastic couple with lots of personality and passion for their wedding and cared about their wedding photography.. Some of Tara’s questions were just amazing. She asked about the photo selection (170 in their price), how that would split over the day, wanted to view lots of other wedding links to compare capture at other events, to determine a consistent approach. These are the kind of questions you should be asking of your photographer and not leaving to chance.

Their wedding  is showcased on my website, but also can be seen on my ‘’ listing.