Know what you want from a Wedding Photographer


You just want ‘pictures of your wedding day’ yes?  Simple. Or is it? Know what you want from a Wedding Photographer, its important.

Know what you want from a Wedding Photographer

I have been asked time and time again just for ‘photo’s without any thought process or question attached to this comment.  Afterwards, there are missing shots that could and should have been included and would have been cherished for a life time.

Sometimes obvious photos are unnoticed until afterwards and this illustrates that couples really need to prepare and give detailed thought for photographic capture of their day .

I have heard brides say, ‘I had too much to do to look at this’ and yet had spent a £1000+ on wedding photography and had booked in advance of a year

You are buying a wedding photographers style and creative approach and that’s part of your initial selection process, but consider, every wedding photographed is someone’s agenda. How can I understand what is important to you unless you speak out.

If you don’t speak up and specify you will receive an untailored and broad-brush approach to your wedding photography. Assumptions will be made and these may inaccurate or unsuiting to you.

It is your shoot. Creative minded photographers thrive on imagination and feed back. Your photos will be far richer and you will be happier with the photos you have purchased.

Consider :-

1) Whats special about the day? What have you spent your time and / or money on the most?? These are likely to be the parts that are the most important.

Louboutins shoes?

Tiffiny necklace?

Hand-made garter from your nan?

Vintage Earings,  were your mums, now handed down to you.

Lingerie from Paris?

Hand-crafted invites that your best friend researched and made over a period of 6 months.

Candles hanging from trees, the girls have a great story about how they made these!

Your favourite mum’s friend who you always call ‘Auntie’, hand tied your flowers.

The flowers were the favourite colour and type that your mum loved when she was alive.

The venue has childhood memories.

There’s a swing you used to play on with a certain boy who is coming to the wedding.

The time of year is special, it’s when you met your husband to be.

Your nan, you are very close.

Your best mates travelling from New Zealand to see you married.

You love cake.

Tell me about your personalities. What you love about each other.

Think ‘Why’ on every choice you made and you will start to feel a rush of ideas for your photography. Even if your brief is just ‘ simple and uncomplicated love for each other’ natural and lovely photos, not fussed about every part of the day covered, that’s a brief and an approach and something for your wedding photographer to work towards, but you can do better than that?!