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Bride’s ask- Questions about my Wedding?


Bride’s ask – The worst mistake I can make on my Wedding day?

Tonight I have been surfing bridal forums. So many questions are asked through these portals and I want to answer them all and I know I could answer so many. I can help so many brides. After 8 years as a Wedding Photographer,  I have attended many weddings and on photographing , watch and observe and learn from the experience. I’d like to start a ‘Brides Ask’ section within my blog, to offer and assist and hopefully, make your wedding day more the experience that you would like it to be.

Here’s one :-

Bride’s ask – The worst mistake I can make on my Wedding day?

1) FORGET TO ENJOY IT. So many couples I photograph forget to ‘enjoy’ themselves on their big day. Often the wedding has been planned over 18 months and even if it’s only a few months, details have been agonised over, adjusted, tweaked stressed upon and re-visited time and time again. And the cost? So much money has been invested. It is the biggest party you will probably hold or organise in a life-time.

When the day finally arrives there is just too much at stake to let go and just enjoy it. But this is exactly what you MUST do, otherwise what is the point? Let relatives argue. If friends want to disagree, then ignore them. Weddings bring the best and worst in behaviour in everyone.

Look around and you will see those who clearly love and support you and those who don’t.Do not waste time trying to pacify petulant guests and family, this is the one day they should be supporting you. I understand that parents divorce but they should set aside their differences for your happiness. Allow yourselves time as a couple to enjoy your venue, walk around and experience what you have paid and planned for and feel the happiness from your commitment to each other.


2) DELEGATE, make those Bridesmaids and Best men, WORK for the title. Many brides invest a small fortune on these roles, dresses from ‘Coast’, makeup,  hair, gifts of gratitude, nails for these titled roles to just ‘look beautiful’.

A bridesmaid in it’s purest and original sense is just that, a maid, to help and assist the bride.  Allocate roles to each from a couple who can dress you to those better placed to organising family and guests. Email a plan to each of what task they are expected to provide and be friendly but firm.

If families fall out on the day, pass over the responsibility to one of the Bride’s maids / Groom’s men to resolve.  Explain that this will take immense pressure from you, that you are grateful for their support and will return the favour. Some brides spend the day trying to pacify jealous sisters, diva mothers, wayward or missing children, let your assistants take the strain and leaving you to enjoy your day!


3) ENJOY THE DAY TOGETHER, you may be having a lovely day but are you spending all your time greeting guests, or are you enjoying the moment with your new husband / wife??  Time-frame  some special time where the two of you can take half an hour – 1 hour away from the wedding party and just concentrate on what this actually means to you both!